Tips and Tricks for Wild hair colors and traveling

As I’m dying my hair in preparation for Blizzcon, I’m standing in my bathroom, painting my hair, and thinking of all of the people who might be doing wild colors in their hair for the first time! And as I’m standing there I was thinking of all of the things I’ve learned over the last Read More

And with his passing… we are all a little less

For the last day I’ve experience the whole range of emotions related to grief. Anger, sadness, devastation, frustration, loss, and guilt. I logged into WoW yesterday with the intend to do my 4 Kirin Tor world quests, get my rep token, and then level while herbing on my alt demonhunter. Someone in guild chat mentioned Read More

The Return of Blaugust!

Last year I participated in #Blaugust¬†(this goes to my other blog’s category for the event and lord knows what you’ll get over there), and it was An Event to actually at least try to write a post a day for the month of August. I don’t remember if I succeeded, skipped a day or two, Read More

2016 and Beyond, plus 12 in 12!

There are a few things that have changed ’round these parts. Mostly the domain. I think the old one redirects here currently, but for the most part, I’m phasing that one out. 2016 is going to include trying to write semi-regularly. I enjoyed my time participating in Blaugust 2015¬†and would like to see if I Read More

Day 29: The Great Crafting Question… How much??

One of the things I’m asked most often when I craft things is how much would it be to have something made. There was a point in time when I used to do customized items for people, but getting people to commit to colors or be happy with the image in their head is near Read More

Day 19: The Real Struggle

Trigger Warning: Language and content; online harassment I spend such a large part of my day, no, life, dealing with people. I interact with people on a regular basis, requesting that they give me copies of all of their most personal information and assessing for whether they’re lying to me and how deep the lie Read More

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