Day 19: The Real Struggle

Trigger Warning: Language and content; online harassment I spend such a large part of my day, no, life, dealing with people. I interact with people on a regular basis, requesting that they give me copies of all of their most personal information and assessing for whether they’re lying to me and how deep the lie Read More

Day 7: Screencaps of Draenor, 1-90 Edition

Disclaimer:¬†First, let’s address what happened to Day 4-6. I’m not even going to lie about this, I just chose not to do any writing. One of the difficulties with blogging is finding subjects worth writing about. I blogged sorta-kinda about 999, which had very recently been my game obsession of choice. I blogged about what Read More

Day 3: Days of Our Garrisons

WoW these days has been mostly to log in and mess around with garrisons. I always have these grand plans to farm mounts and pets, or run LFR for the lols. What really happens is I log into each of my 4 garrison-able toons, check missions, then log back out again. I will say though, Read More

Day 1: A Personal Challenge Begins

I keep making these promises to myself that I will blog more often, but I break them immediately after writing a blog post saying that I’m going to write more often. I get far too caught up in the “It needs to be perfect!”‘s and “Why would anyone read this anyway?”‘s that I end up Read More

Blizzcon Off-site Events Calendar

So I was looking for something to kind of give me an idea of what was going on during non-convention times, so I could have an idea of what events people might be busy attending. This isn’t a comprehensive list, and it doesn’t include some smaller parties like specific guild events or anything. If you’d Read More

10 Years, 10 Questions

Over on twitter today, @RhoWoW suggested people participate in @Alternativechat‘s 10 Years, 10 Questions writing… thing (challenge? exercise?? event?!?). It seems like a cool thing to do to reflect on the last however many years I’ve played WoW and write about it. Plus, it gets me blogging/writing. Something I’ve been struggling with for awhile now. Read More

The Long Journey Home

It’s been nearly a year since I posted a blog post. That’s not to say the 20+ posts in Drafts doesn’t mean I didn’t want to say something. I wanted to talk about what happened with my guild, the one that fell apart, which, for the most part has just sort of blown over and Read More

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