Achievements Galore!

On Wednesday Osephala put together a group of people who were trying to get the ICC 10man mounts, Reins of the Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher. This means coordinating 10 people’s need for Heroic kill of each of the bosses, and coordinating which achievements we needed and whether or not it can be done on heroic mode. Granted, being 85 and geared for Cataclysm raids meant that for the most part we were over-geared for the content, especially on normal mode. Prior to Wednesday I only had Boned (10) and I’ve Gone and Made a Mess (10).

Wednesday got all of Heroic: Storming the Citadel (10) except for Lady Deathwhisper, mostly because we were going for Full House (10). Instead of Heroic Deathwhisper we went for Full House. We ended up being forced to wipe it up a few times in order to get the right combination of mos up, but once we got it, it felt good. We then went on to take on not just Heroic: The Crimson Hall (10), but finish off The Orb Whisperer from Blood Prince Council and Once Bitten, Twice Shy for a few of the raiders (including me).

The lot of us went on to attempt Dreamwalker on Heroic. With only two healers and trying to get Portal Jockey we found ourselves needing someone, anyone, to take the 3rd portal that spawned. The problem became that if we let just anyone take the portals, Ose and I weren’t able to get in there and get our healing buff/debuff. Another couple of attempts with only two healers and failing, the next attempt included asking the Boomkin Meleia to switch specs to Resto. Lo and behold, with a third healer Dreamwalker on heroic complete including getting the Portal Jockey achievement.

By the end of the night, I ended up with 8 out of the 16 total achievements on the meta towards the Frostbrood Vanquisher.

Now for Saturday, most of the same group is brought together to try to finish off as many of the achievements as we can get. We all successfully finished off Heroic: The Plagueworks as well as all the achievements associated with that wing. Dances with Oozes (10), Flu Shot Shortage (10), and Nausea, Heartburn, Indigestion… (10) in one shot. It went really well and surprised many of us that we were able to get it without a whole lot of explanation. Some of the raiders hadn’t done much ICC raiding and had even less experience with the mechanics of these fights.

Heroic Sindragosa and trying to get All You Can Eat (10) wasn’t working out so well. There were simply too many people who hadn’t done the fight before. Too many people who didn’t understand where to stand, where to position the dragon, etc. Instead we all go credit for the Heroic kill and we’ll try the achievement another day.

Many things were accomplished on this day, including getting Kingslayer for at least a handful of the people who were there who had no other toons with Kingslayer titles. Now I realize this is older content, but it’s not so old that we didn’t have our issues or our wipes. Since we skipped a few bosses on Heroic, we weren’t able to tackle the Lich King on heroic either. It was better this way for the same reasons surrounding Sindragosa. We did, however, get Been Waiting a Long Time For This (10), which is a much bigger pain in the ass that one might think. ย The group of us being overgeared caused one problem. Not enough adds caused another problem. After much wowhead reading, we were able to figure it all out. That was a pretty epic kill. Almost as good as the first time I’ve killed the Lich King.

The funny thing about Lich King is that there is still a lot of worry about Defile and Infest. Don’t get me wrong, these things are still concerns. Anyone can still turn the entire platform where you fight the LK into Defile-fest and wipe the entire rest of the raid by leaving no where to stand. And Infest can still kill you if you can’t get the player’s health up above 90%. I’m pretty sure at one point I ran myself out of mana because I was desperately trying to get the add tank up above 90% and simply wasn’t doing a very effective job of it. A rogue got tossed off the side by a Val’kyr, which isn’t surprising* that someone would end up getting tossed off the side.

In the end, after some confusion regarding what needed to be stacked to 30 and what we were supposed to be doing, we got the achievement. And it felt good.

We went on to kill some Kel’Thezad, Malygos and Halion. It was an amazing night of older content, and a good time with new WoW people. I’m looking forward to getting my dragon and helping everyone else get theirs as well.

* Damn rogues. ๐Ÿ˜›

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