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So, I spent hours after raid the other night looking for information on how to use/make/create some PowerAuras. I’ve never been the type to want to learn too much about addons. I want to install it and have it just work. Sadly, unless someone else out there posted the exports I couldn’t be bothered to try to figure out how to use PowerAuras to its maximum potential. Many people in my guild have been using PowerAuras for a long time, but I am really really lazy, and I really really didn’t want to have to try to understand some of the menus.

PowerAura Settings

This is intimidating. Yes, if you look only at each individual thing it makes all sorts of sense. But imagine you’ve got 20 minutes before raids and you just installed this addon, and you saw all of this nonsense what would you do? Yeah, I yelped a little bit, closed the window and didn’t look at it again until after a google search yielded me some Resto Druid auras. I stumbled across a blog entry with a handful of really good ones.*

So, after some attempts at Heroic Maloriak I figured I needed to make an aura that would get my attention if I was standing in the Dark Sludge. I needed something more than the DBM warning, which for my UI, seems to get lost in a lot of battle text. Although after some browsing around on the internet I couldn’t find anything that actually worked.

I am not a fan of having to learn insane stuff in order to get a handful of useful bits. Over time I have grown to be extremely dependent on some of my PowerAuras. But I needed some new ones. In particular I needed to know when Nature’s Grace was proc’ing while I was in Boomkin spec. Because I was wasting that proc by not casting like a mad woman and I was getting awfully tired of my mediocre deeps when most of my healing gear should have shows better numbers on that stupid Raid Training Dummy.

So here’s what I came up with for Nature’s Grace. The timer is a little offset from center (which annoyed the crap out of me) at the time when I took the screencap, so I fixed it and I’m fairly certain that the import code has the timer center to the icon.

Addon: PowerAuras - Nature's Grace

Nature’s Grace Proc (with timer)
Version:4.16; b:0.2549; g:0.3804; icon:Spell_Nature_NaturesBlessing; buffname:Nature’s Grace; r:0; x:297; texture:101; alpha:0.91; size:0.56; y:-314; timer.b:0.2549; timer.g:0.3804; timer.h:1.28; timer.Texture:Original; timer.enabled:true; timer.r:0; timer.cents:false; timer.y:-330; timer.x:298; timer.UseOwnColor:true

Next up are my some of my notification auras. The next four PowerAuras I snagged from another site (which I cannot find for my life, so if these were yours, please tell me and I will gladly credit you). First up is the 80% mana notification. This is good for DPS and Healing as a druid because it lets me maximize the Innervate cooldown. In Boomkin spec, this is less necessary as the switching between the eclipses generates a large portion of mana and often will bring me up over the 80% mark, however as a healer I like to know this. This first PowerAura stays up any time you mana pool goes under 80%. So it won’t work if you have problems with things on your screen. But here it is anyway, for those interested.

Also included in this screencap though is the Clearcasting PowerAura (the green inner circle with tiny timer on the lower left). Back when Blizzard first introduced their version of powerauras, I couldn’t figure out what the hell was going on. What each of the flashy things meant didn’t make sense to me. So I went with this because it was obvious and made perfect sense. It fit with everything else I had going on with my other PowerAuras. I have thus since turned off my default Blizzard Auras because they’re distracting and I’ve adjusted to using my own.

80% Mana & Clearcasting

80% Mana (blue)
Version:4.16; g:0.5373; icon:inv_alchemy_elixir_02; r:0.5843; begin:3; bufftype:9; texture:7; alpha:1; threshold:80; wowtex:true; combat:true; size:1.25; y:-12

Clearcasting (green)
Version:4.16; b:0; icon:Spell_Shadow_ManaBurn; buffname:Clearcasting; r:0.051; begin:1; texture:7; alpha:1; symetrie:1; wowtex:true; size:0.95; y:-12; finish:0; timer.Texture:Original; timer.enabled:true; timer.cents:false; timer.Relative:BOTTOMLEFT

There is an additional PowerAura to notify me when I’m at 25% mana. This works in conjunction with the 80% Mana aura in that it fills out the empty spaces. This is a good time for me to beg for Hymn or a Mana Tide totem if my Innervate is down (or I had to use my Innervate on someone else, yielding me a pittance of mana).

25% Mana

25% Mana
Version:4.16; g:0.5373; icon:inv_alchemy_elixir_02; r:0.5843; begin:3; bufftype:9; texture:7; alpha:1; symetrie:1; threshold:25; wowtex:true; combat:true; size:1.25; y:-12

The last PowerAura that I found to be hugely beneficial to being a Resto Druid was the Lifebloom one. This one is even more important now that they made the T11 4-piece set bonus a necessity for resto druids. Um, 540 spirit?? Yes please! Since they took away the ability to put Lifebloom on multiple targets (when not in treeform) this is necessary to make sure you get those stacks up on a tank, yourself, a DPS, whoever. Because lemme tell you, this had made a world of difference for mana regen while in combat. This is up if you have less than 3 stacks of Lifebloom out on any target. x


Lifebloom (under 3 stacks)
Version:4.16; b:0.5843; icon:INV_Misc_Herb_Felblossom; buffname:Lifebloom; r:0; stacks:3; texture:15; alpha:0.97; isResting:0; GTFO:2; groupOrSelf:true; combat:true; size:0.3; y:317; inverse:true

And lastly, since I turned off the default PowerAuras from Blizzard, I created one for when Shooting Stars procs. I made it so it looks just like the default except that it changes colors (I wanted to change things up a little bit and have some fun). No screenshot for this one, since it looks exactly the same.

Shooting Stars
Version:4.16; g:0.9216; icon:Ability_Mage_ArcaneBarrage; buffname:Shooting Stars; r:0.9725; x:17; texture:186; alpha:1; size:0.95; randomcolor:true; y:366

In the end, after all of my frustration and all of the lost blankly staring at my screen, I was able to figure it out. Maybe I’ll write up a Noob-tastic How-to. If nothing else, at least these might help someone else out (even if you’re not a druid).

* I spent about an hour trying to find the original druid blog that posted the auras, but I couldn’t find it. If it’s yours, just leave a comment and I will gladly give you credit.

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