Naked Dungeon Challenge #1

So the first time I read Rades’ Minipost: The Naked Dungeon Challenge, I laughed. Out loud. I read that post on the eve of running some dungeons with other guildies in which we spent almost the entire time laughing  hysterically in mumble. It was 4 of us, and then we picked up a 5th and he was informed that he needed to bring Tia some wood. And boy did he ever. But here’s the thing. I started thinking of doing the Naked Dungeon Challenge with this group of people and all I could do was laugh to myself at all of the jokes that I knew would be made. So I jokingly tweeted them all about it. And it was received by some pretty positive responses. Everyone seemed to be interested in doing this. So much so they started to pick a day and time. So I picked a day, posted something on the guild forums and waited to see how things went.

Here were the rules I set up in the original post on the forums.

Basic Rules

  1. Everyone takes off their gear and runs naked.
  2. You can use all current level abilities, pets and spells.
  3. You can only equip the items you loot in the dungeon.
Loot Rules

  1. Everyone rolls need on everything. The point is to make sure you end up with the “best” loot available at the end of each run. Rolling need helps you get armor slot items filled with usable items, but also keeps the others in your group from being able to get a piece of armor.
  2. You can craft items, if you have a crafting profession, but you can only use stuff you loot while in the dungeon.
  3. You have to wear the highest item level item, regardless of stats and usefulness.
  4. You wear any gear from the previous dungeon into the next. So once all of the Vanilla dungeons are completed you’re not entirely without gear when entering into BC dungeons, and going from BC to Wrath, etc.
Nekkid Hestiah

Heading to Deadmines, sans clothes.

There were a handful of people who didn’t show and one person who was running late, so we started with Deadmines and a group of 5. Here is me, just after I dumped all of my gear into the bank (because believe me, I’m not about to pay a repair bill for gear I’m not even wearing. Not to mention I needed to clear out bag space in order to hoard all of the amazing grey loot.

While waiting or everyone to log in, I flew over to the entrance to Deadmines. And I made sure that I set my group to normal as opposed to Heroic. I didn’t want any surprises… just. in. case.

There is nothing more ridiculous than seeing a handful of your guildies, standing in front of the entrance to a really low level dungeon, stark naked. And because this entire thing needed to be remembered into the annals of the internet, I (and others I’m sure) took a screen shot of the “we’re about to do this thing” pose in the beginning.

Lots of boobs (even if there were only two sets, there’s plenty there). Lots of loin cloth action. (Do I have a happy trail, wtf is that?!)

Once we got into the dungeons some of us still had quests available for each of the dungeons. So it was a consensus, with the 6 of us there, that if you had quests that awarded loot, it counted and you could complete the quest and equip the item. But all of the other rules also applied.

Naked Dungeon Challenge, Deadmines

Just before we hit Deadmines.

I absolutely forgot to take a screen shot of us after Deadmines, but I imagine that it was pretty hilarious. I know that I was the loot whore at first, taking all of the blues. I’m fairly certain that I ended up with an Agility staff that I hoarded from the feral druid. Also, our poor warrior, Ludde (aka Menoetius) didn’t get any weapons, rendering him mostly useless and unable to use most of his abilities.

Naked Dungeon Challenge: Wailing Caverns

Just after finishing Wailing Caverns, heading to Shadowfang Keep.

Just as we were roughly halfway through Wailing Caverns, Tia joined us and we headed to Shadowfang Keep. She was a little further behind because she started naked and didn’t get to run the first two. Though she ended up with some pieces of gear, she remained shirtless. Ludde remained without weapons, which was a complete joke by this point. I’m pretty sure I ended with all of the strength weapons I couldn’t even equip.

Naked Dungeon Challenge: Shadowfang Keep

Standing outside Blackfathom Deeps, after finishing Shadowfang Keep.

There was a lot of oooohhh’s and aahhhhh’s at this point as all of us were starting to get grey gear that was higher level than the green and blues we got from boss kills.

Naked Dungeon Challenge: Blackfathom Deeps

Standing outside Stockades, just after finishing Blackfathom Deeps

After running The Stockade, we ended up with twins. Only Megs had an eyepatch, which made her look like the trollop of the twins. It was hilarious.

Naked Dungeon Challenge: The Stockade

Standing in front of Gnomeregan entrance in our Stockade gear.

After Gnomer, Entropia got THE best helm ever. It totally made up for the fact that he (poor guy) was still shirtless. Jaymz and Ludde ended up in some pretty terribly colored gear, none of which matched.

Naked Dungeon Challenge: Gnomeregon

Outside of the Scarlet Monastery, after Gnomeregan.

After some folks mentioned that lame work stuff, and being tired, we figured we’d knock out the two Scarlet Monastary’s before calling it a night. Here’s the final shot of the night after running Library.

Naked Dungeon Challenge: Scarlet Monastery Library

The last dungeon of the night, Scarlet Monastery Libarary

And lastly, some of the best shots of the night. I wish I had been dressed in something other than the same purple-y dress all night. Maybe I’ll get lucky and get something different when we finish this off. Overall this was an absolutely hilarious night and I had so much fun. We each kept our gear (well we said we would and I know I did), and I even saved a gearset for naked dungeon runs, so that when we pick this back up again, we can start right back where we left off.

Multiple Colors

Jaymz dressed in all the colors available for gear… well almost

Satellite hat

Entropia’s Satellite hat, which I screencaptured at the wrong time.

beefcake and the pimp

Entropia and Ludde, now in his pimp outfit. I have no words for this one.

Tia the hooker

Her outfit after Scarlet Monastery was terrible and made her look like a hooker.

* Note: I need to learn how to turn off names and titles and such, so there’s not as much junk floating around. But I like that stuff when I’m playing, but it completely clutters the screen, so for that I apologize. I really didn’t want to keep people too long while I figured out where to turn that stuff off. I did, by the end, turn it off.


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