Pre-MoP Bucket List

Slowly but surely I’ve been working toward my inevitable goal of 11,000 achievement points on Hestiah. The goal is to get this before Mist of Pandaria is released. Mostly because I expect her overall achievement point total to go up a lot when most achievements go account-wide. I’ve done all the achievements associated with [What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been] on a different character. Spending just over a year busting my ass to get that stupid purple proto-drake, I swore I would never do it again. I still won’t legitimately earn those achievement points again. Ever!

All that being said, I decided that I wanted to try to get Hestiah to 11,000 achievement points. She’s sitting at 10,760 now, which leaves 240 points left, but ugh, that’s a helluva lot of work at this stage in the game.

So here’s Hestiah’s Pre-MoP Bucket List.

[The Burning Crusader] (Keepers of Time) – Done!
[Chief Exalted Office] – Done!
[A Quest a Day Keeps the Ogres at Bay]
[You’re So Offensive] – Done!
[The Oracles]
[45 exalted Reputations] – Done! (And the 50 and 55 rep achievements too!)

[The Outland Gourmet] (8/25)
[The Northrend Gourmet 30] (15/30)
[The Northrend Gourmet 45] (15/45)
[The Cataclysmic Gourmet] (19/30)
[Dinner Impossible]
[Cooking with Style] – Done! (ugh finally!)

[The Scavenger] -Done!
[The Fishing Diplomat] – Done!
[The Oceanographer] (30/31) – Done!
[The Limnologist] – Done!
[I Smell a Giant Rat]

[Soul Power] – Done!
[Three Faced]
[Doesn’t go to Eleven] – Done!
[That’s Not Canon!]
[Severed Ties]  – Done!
[Ring Out!] Done!
[Bear-ly Made It] Done!

[2500 daily Quests Complete] (2176/2500) – Done! (and the 5000 achievement too!)

[Bombs Away]
[Blade’s Edge Bomberman]

[Guru of Drakuru] (Cleansing Drak’Tharon)
[Savior of the Oracles]
[Rapid Defense]
[Mine Sweeper]

[The Glop family Line] (6/10)
[My Very Own Broodmother] – Done!
[Wildhammer Tour of Duty] Done!

[Twenty-five Tabards] – Done!
[Littlest Pet Shop] (151/150) Done! (Yay Celestial Dragon!)
[Vial of the Sands]

[To All the Squirrels Who Shared My Life] – Done!
[To All the Squirrels Who Cared For Me] – Done!
[Higher Learning] (4/8)
[Well Read]

This list is 420 total achievement points. So if I actually work on some of the easier achievements I’ll hit that 11k mark fairly easily. It all depends on how I spend my time. Since I have the leveling a new toon experiment and now grad school, I might not have the time to get this all done. The first MoP stuff is just now hitting PTR, so we might be seeing that stuff go live shortly. Without an official MoP release date, I’m not sure I can make a schedule of when to work on Hestiah’s achievements versus a new toon. Plus some of those reps are really horrible to work on.


  • Navimie

    Woman, you need to get cracking on those achievements. Your cooking achievements are abyssmal! I would come and drag you through them if I was on your server… or your faction 😛

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