A Place to Call Home

There is something about finding a group of people to play WoW with. A group of people who have fun, and enjoy themselves, while killing shit. The big thing, though, is that you have to actually feel welcome there. Like you’re part of the group.

When I left Apotheosis it was because it stopped feeling like home to me. It makes me smile to celebrate their victories though. I’m happy for them when they accomplish new things. There was a part of me that was really sad to discover the incompatibilities of myself with Conquest. When people ask me the story, many people aren’t surprised. I still am, at times. When I last wrote about it, I got quite a handful of people sending me tweets and DMs letting me know that they were recruiting. I visited some guild sites, and read through their policies and guidelines.

I’m gonna take a step back and tell you this: transferring Hestiah again terrified me. I was completely and utterly freaked out to transfer her again only to find I had made a mistake. Again. So I wanted to make sure I was making the best choice for me.

I had considered Undying Resolution before, but felt that I wouldn’t quite fit. I’m not sure what made things different this time around. Possibly my friendship with Pon. Or making IRL plans with Juvenate. Whatever it was, I knew that I had to talk to someone who would be completely and utterly honest with me. So I harassed Pon. It’s not that she would talk crap about her guild, or conversely talk crap about me to my face (she really would though, don’t worry). I trusted her. I knew that if she really felt that I would be a terrible fit, she’d tell me. Before I transferred. Before I app’d and looked like as asshole. I do a perfectly good job of looking like an idiot on my own, I didn’t want to app and make this display public to a bunch of strangers.

The application process was relatively painless. There were some questions posed to me that they wanted some clarification on, and I answered the best that I could. There was no disrespect. There was no blatant and overt negativity like I had experienced elsewhere. No one jumped down my throat, and certainly, no one called me a “project.”

Tonight was the first night that I raided, officially, with UR. I was there when they got their first Heroic Zon’ozz kill. They definitely carried me through some other Heroic kills, giving Hestiah a nice little boost in achievement points (toward her 11k before MoP goal). I got a ridiculous number of upgrades, including a Heroic weapon. I’m beyond words.

There is something truly humbling with getting a whisper to make sure that I wasn’t thinking badly of the guild because of a little kerfuffle in healer channel. There is something equally humbling by getting tweets from people genuinely excited about all of my upgrades. There is also something very humbling about being told to request epic gems from the guild coffers because I cannot afford to buy them at 850g+/piece. Most of all, it’s the first time in a really long time, that I had an absolutely shitton of fun working on a progression boss. Working on new (to me) Heroic bosses. And laughing at the weird dragon bug we got.

Random Dargon

I can’t predict the future, so knowing if this was the best choice is still kind of up in the air. The welcome and open arm-feeling I’m getting from the folks of UR has been overwhelming at times. As though there was this new kid spotlight, and everyone’s watching to see if I’m going to fall on my face. Only, not a single person is making me feel bad about anything. My lack of gear, my falling dead last on the healing meters, or having to graciously ask for 12 epic gems (FUCK 12! SERIOUSLY?!).

For the first time, in a long time, this 25-man group has made me feel at home.


  • Leafywinds

    I am glad you are here, Hestiah! UR seems to be a very welcoming environment, even if I’m derping on my alt mage on heroic bosses. 😀 Resto druids are freaking rock stars to me.

  • Maerdred

    Welcome to the Guild! I’m not all that active in-game, but you may have seen a “WOOOOOOOO!” from my alt Mage when y’all killed Zon’ozz last night.

    Oh, and as the druid who used to come in last on healing meters, Healing meters don’t really matter. Just don’t let Ranico die.

    Again, Welcome! Glad to have found your blog this morning via a Poneria tweet.

  • Elunamakata

    The people from UR seem to be very nice, from what I’ve seen on twitter. I’ve also known someone in their guild for a few years now (through the interwebs as it were) and I couldn’t imagine her being in anything but a nice guild :-)

  • AppleMat

    This is late because I fail at reading things in a timely manner, but:



    I MISS 25m raiding I only got a taste of it with Apoth, but OH MY GOD I MISS IT. And I am very jealous that what sounds like a guild that I would probably get along with quite well is your new home. :) I’d follow if I thought it feasible – sadly, it’s not.

    THAT SAID, I hope your guildies know that if they treat you badly, and this grumpy pally finds out, THERE WILL BE BLOOD. >:| and then probably healing of the wounds that gushed said blood, because I’m a healer, it’s what I do. Heh.

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