The Joy of Victory

I made the decision back in December to stop raiding because progression seemed to bring out some pretty bad attitudes. Often times I felt like the idiot-stepchild of the guild. Other times I was made to feel like without me, encounters were a little bit more difficult. Stoking my ego, or bashing in my feelings, it was made with the idea that I would step down from one title and don the hat of another: Casual.

Over time I started to get the… pang. I wanted to down heroic mode bosses again. I wanted to kill big baddies. And I didn’t want to do it in 10 man. I wanted the epic feeling of getting 25 people together to kill big baddies. Except where one guild might have been welcoming and amazing, another belittled and trash-talked. And the last has been a great experience so far. I was carried through the first 6 heroic modes, and handed gear hand over fist. It took less than 3 nights of raiding (a week and a half) to find myself in significantly better gear, and no longer at the bottom of the healing meters every. single. fight.

Heroic Spine, though, was a whole different story. It was tough to deal with those stupid debuffs. And moving the Earth buff around until it hopefully landed on a tank. People were frustrated and annoyed. There was blame being tossed around all over the place. It was the same frustrations that came out of the more hardcore progression raiding, only, it didn’t make me feel like a total idiot this time though. There were obvious differences in our composition which didn’t allow us to heal through the debuff without removing it first (see: Spirit Link Totem from a Resto Shaman). Apparently, that’s a big deal. I can understand the Big Deal-ness of it.

Patch 5.0.4 made sure to give us as much trouble as possible. DC’s. Addon complications. Addon changes making it impossible or near-impossible for some people to raid. Some addons that didn’t cause problems in 5-mans were throwing up errors all over the place. I know Healbot reset itself at least 4 times last night. All of my healing combinations were just *poof* gone. In the middle of trying to target and heal, I’m trying to reset them. It was terrible. I also blew up the raid by using the healing shrooms during a purple phase. Oops*. Tonight we had a few issues with the debuff on Blackhorn.

Something that I missed and am happy to have again, is getting the rush of a new kill. The adrenalin-pumping-when-you’re-really-effing-close-and-you-don’t-want-to-say-anything-in-case-you-jinx-the-whole-thing feel. Despite the issues we had last night. Despite the issues we had tonight. Despite being down one person… we got Heroic Spine down! In one shot. We talky-talked. We figured out how to deal with 8-second dispells. We talky-talked some more. Then we won!

There is something about getting a new kill you’ve been working on for awhile that is unmatched by many other thing in gaming. It’s exciting. And amazing.

So congratulations to Undying Resolution! We did an amazing job tonight! Next week… we’ll all be 8/8 HM!

* I only did this once, but it was still really frustrating to be the cause of such an amazing wipe.

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