Baby Murloc Ringtones!

UPDATE: Now with a download for those who don’t have iphones! There’s an mp3 set just for you! Enjoy!

I was sitting here, doing work work (see: Perusing Twitter) when suddenly I was struck with an idea! I wanted my phone to sound like the baby murloc when I got a text message. And then I wanted the baby murloc singing to be my new ringtone!

I am notorious for leaving my phone on silent/vibrate all the time. The TARDIS phasing in sound was my text sound and people always looked at me funny when they heard it. Plus it was a little jolting at times when I wasn’t expecting a text message. So those random, no –one-has-texted-me-in-three-hours texts used to make me jump.

Getting the soundbyte wasn’t as difficult as I thought, because I was able to steal it from a youtube video in the form of an mp3. I have an app that lets me edit mp3’s so you can clip them to shorter duration. Once I did it, I was completely thrilled to turn the sound on and wait as my best friend responded to a text I sent her. Then I giggled.

To share in the joy that is baby murlocs, I’m sharing the iPhone ring tones I created.

[Download Baby Murloc iPhone Ringtones ZIP] [Download Baby Murloc mp3 Ringtone ZIP]

Right-click the link –>
Click “Save File as…” –>
Save the file to your hard drive (somewhere you can find it).

Open the zip file and unzip the files somewhere where you can find it.

Open iTunes –>
Drag and drop the files under Tones -OR-
Click “File” –>
Click “Add File to Library” –>
Locate where you saved the files –>
Click the first item, hold Shift and click the third item (to highlight all 3 ringtones) –>
Click “Open”

This should import them to your iTunes Library.

Once you see them in your Tones list, click the first Baby Murloc ringtone, hold Shift and click the third Baby Murloc ringtone (to highlight all three again) –>
Right-Click –>
Click “Consolidate Files…” –>
Click “Consolidate” (This step creates a copy of your ringtones where iTunes would innately save them so that if you delete the downloaded files, you don’t lose the ringtone.)

Sync your iDevice with iTunes.

On your iDevice go to Settings –>
Sounds –>
Change your Ringtone (when people call you).
Change your Text Tone (when you receive a text).


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