Out with the old, In with the new

Every year I think about those things I want to do in the coming months. Each new years brings the hope for possibility. I generally don’t make New Years Resolutions, but a handful of things that have changed in my life that require me to do something about it. Mostly, my health.

So this year I am planning to make a handful of resolution.

1. To make great strides toward saving and planning to move to Australia. Even if I don’t meet the February 2014 deadline I’ve set, I want to want to at least make the time between now and living there permanently shorter.

2. Take food choices more seriously, and make better ones. I’m not a horrible food decision-maker, but I allow my moods to dictate what I’ll end up eating. I had made some good efforts toward cutting out fast food, only to pick back up the habit out of laziness. I need to change this.

3. Exercise more. I don’t have a weight goal, but at this stage any exercise is more than what I did in all of 2012. I picked up a FitBit to help track not only my activity, but also my sleep. Hopefully it will also help me stay motivated and help me feel accountable for these things.

4. Write more. I did a lot more reading in 2012 than I had the previous few years. That was probably the only goal I set last year. I reached it, but only just barely. This year, I want to try to write more. Whether it be here and about video games, or elsewhere and about life, or even fiction. Either way, I want to write more.

And with that, I wish you all a wonderful year. Blizzard, for the first time ever, decided to give me a nice surprise. As often as its trolled me with reputations, never giving me mount drops ever, and just general frustration with LFR or PUGs, WoW decided to grant me with Ashes of Al’ar.

Ashes of Al'ar

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