New Adventures

I made some half-assed resolutions at the start of the year. Mostly having to do with my health, because let’s face it, I’ve been an utterly lazy ass and my body has decided to revolt against the tyranny of my laziness and demand I do something about it. It’s like my heart is the union leader demanding fair… health.

fitbit_standingsSo I purchased a Fitbit One, mostly to help keep me motivated to do something. I snagged a handful of friends both IRL and WoW/Twitter in an effort to keep me accountable as well. You can see your weekly progress as it stacks against other people, which I suppose I meant for it to help keep me motivated by appealing to my slightly competitive nature.

As you can see, I’m not doing too fantastically with regard to keeping up with the others. And the 4 you can’t see in that friend list? Well, they’re well into the multiple thousands that because I rarely leave the house, I find I won’t actually ever catch up.

<queue the acquisition of a treadmill>

I started looking on the local Craigslist for treadmills to see if there was a working and functional one within a reasonable price range. Remember, I want to move to Australia, so the spending needs to be pretty minimal. The reality is that I simply can’t afford a gym membership at the tune of $35-50/month, and it is extremely cold for this very lazy, and very unmotivated overweight person to go outside and exercise, even if it’s just walking. I don’t fool myself into thinking that my health issues, though in their infancy stages, are enough to motivate me enough to go out in very cold weather.

I was told to try to make a standing table/desk contraption to go WITH the treadmill (once it was acquired) and play WoW while walking! This is an idea of brilliance I’m not sure I would ever have put together, but lemme just say, it’s really a great damn idea.

Now you add to the fact that at some point in the last two days I decided I wanted an European (EU) WoW account. Considering the way I’ve been spending most of my WoW time on Hestiah, this seems to be the exact opposite of what I was doing – Grinding reps, getting achievements, farm killing for mounts, and pet battling. Even though I accidentally found out that you can use the same bnet information for both a North American (NA) and EU account, all of the account-wide achievements and mounts would not carry over to the EU account. After much battling with the internet (and google), attempting to avoid having to wait for a nearly 20 GB download and installation of a second WoW client, and the missing addon button for UI necessities, I have a working EU WoW account that uses the same login and authentication (authenticator) as my NA account.

It is almost perfect timing, that everything sort of just worked out the way it did. With my finding a treadmill on Craigslist, and deciding I wanted to venture down the path of “New Player” status (without the nearly 15,000 achievement points, 170+ mounts, and 300+ unique pets), that it would all sort of just work out just right.

I don’t plan on actually running on the treadmill, at least not while I’m playing WoW. I was graciously gifted a EU battlechest license so I can quest and herb EU Hestiah up to level 80. It just seems apropos… new Hestiah, new me.

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