An Update for Feb 2013

I have a terrible habit of not writing anything unless I feel I have something to say… which means I spend more time on Twitter saying ridiculously dumb things and quoting tv shows with hashtags instead. It’s easy to be semi-brilliant in 140 characters or less.

Lifestyle ChangeHestiah's Treadmill desk
The treadmill desk has been a huge success. I’ve worked myself up to being able to fun consistently for 3 minutes straight… which might not SEEM like a huge deal for many people, but when you’ve been such a lazy lump (as I have been) this is a helluva lot of exercise for such a short time. I also have managed to consistently walk at faster and faster speeds for longer distances.

At the request of many people on Twitter, I picked up some running shoes. I probably should have gone with walking shoes, but I wanted to do some running at some point and simply could not justify two pairs of shoes. I also bought some running socks which help give me cushioning and support. I rarely get blisters anymore (unless I push myself too far and walk 6+ miles in a day) and my feet don’t feel like they’re being set on fire anymore.

I’m more careful about what I’m eating and how much I’m eating. I didn’t realize until I started paying attention how much food I was consuming that I didn’t necessarily need. I wouldn’t wait until I actually felt full, so I’d just keep eating until that happened. By that point it was often too late and the over abundance of calories had been consumed.

I don’t have a scale, so I have little tangible evidence that any of the efforts I’m making are creating actual results, but I’ve hit a handful of milestones over the last few weeks. I can touch my toes and I can hold a plank for 10 seconds without collapsing or holding my breath. So even if I’m not losing any weight or changing my actual shape, I feel better. I sleep better. And some days I wake up and feel skinnier than I’ve felt in a long time.

Getting My Learnin’ On
School has been busy with taking 8 units a quarter (which is the same as taking 16 a semester for semester folks). Full time is a bit of an understatement for the amount of work and reading that’s required, but I’ve been managing to stay on schedule and get all of my assignments done on time.

The most interesting part of my classes this quarter is that one of them has to do with multicultural psychology and how to incorporate that into professional counseling services. It’s weird to watch as the other students learn about all of the -isms that exist. It’s appalling how many of them make racist, misogynistic, and homophobic comments without even realizing it. Or how many of them feel this need to point out how their god is guiding them through something or another.

I vent often on Twitter because my knee-jerk reaction is to tell these people that they’re stupid and don’t deserve to counsel anyone for anything ever, but then I remember that not everyone has a full, or even partial, understanding of the issues that people face out there today. While I feel like a lot of the information is stuff I’ve learned on my own without the guidance of a professor, I’m learning a lot about myself, my own biases, and how to handle myself in situations that infuriate me more than it should.

Balance and patience. I keep telling myself this… balance and patience.

Games and Time
In WoW I finally got [Double Agent] by leveling the warlock, and have been slowly working on getting her geared even just enough to run some LFR with friends now and again. She’s finally able to run all the current LFR’s, but come 5.2, that will change and it will be a grindfest again.

I’ve decided my hunter will be my next 90, though I doubt she’s going to get geared in any way. And then the Horde DK. That will complete my [Quintessential Quinet].

I started a little Hestiah on the EU realms, which has been kind of fun. The only downfall I hate is not having access to all of the beautiful mounts that I spent so much time acquiring. Otherwise, it’s a nice break. And it’s fun to get to chat and run lowbie dungeons with the UK folks I’ve gotten to know over the last few years on Twitter. I’m likely going to renew my subscription for at least another month or two. The experience has been rather fun overall… even if the random guild invite I took is being run by a guy who’s kind of a misogynist.

I’ve been playing WoW almost exclusively, even though I got Pokemon Crystal working with functional saving. I have Pokemon Emerald to work my way through. I still have Black/White to play through AND Black2/White2 to play through. I’ve got myself a LOT of Pokemon to play, it seems. I also picked up Fire Emblem: Awakening as a digital download. I should write about that experience all on it’s own.

Writing and Blogging
I’m trying to be better about actually reading blogs that I follow on a fairly regular basis. I’m going to try to use the iPad and a reader app for this, but I find that I spend a lot of time reading random things on the internet as they’re shared rather than following along with blogs. The writing, though, is something I’ve been really terrible about these days. I write less and less often. I did buy a new domain that I’d like to get started writing on at some point. It will be my ranting blog though. I’m not sure I want these two linked, but we’ll see what happens when I finally get it up and running.

There are also plenty of blog posts that I start but inevitably sit in the queue as drafts. I don’t know if it’s because my brain just wanders so much that I can’t put two coherent thoughts together in some sort of comprehendible way, or if I’m just a terrible writer. It’s likely both. Ha! At some point I do have a couple of posts I want to write that are about things I feel pretty passionately about. I feel like those are usually my best posts. But my thoughts jumble so often that I feel like I might need to create an *gasp* outline!

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