Actual Guild Recruitment… I Know Right?!

So it’s official. I helped start a guild.

What started off as a handful of us lamenting on twitter about the frustrating aspects of various guilds that drove us away from wanting to be associated with them (some more severe than others, mind you) eventually became me sitting down with Nyxy and Aero and putting a plan in motion. Seerail acquired a level 25 guild and set the ball rolling to get GMship and get ready to transfer it over… but where?

I took a few days to look at a few core things that were mandatory and necessary for picking a realm. Not a single one of us were happy with our current realms and all of us were willing to go elsewhere. Once a realm was decided upon based on population, economy, and how many anal jokes and/or references to Thunderfury occurred in 30-40 minutes (none at the time when I was logged in) we started transferring toons over.

We decided on a guild name. We discussed some guild policies that were mandatory. We talked about days and times for raiding and the sort of atmosphere we wanted while raiding.

And I set about writing all of those policies up. I admit to being a bit of a control freak, but I was utterly grateful that Aero decided to take the helm of running the whole operation. Then Nyxy and I hit the final stretch to our quarters in school, her with having real finals, and me with having lots of papers to write, things were put on the back-burner. It also felt really overwhelming, to try to predict and decide how to make it all work.

But, in the end, we created <From Behind>, and as of now we are actively recruiting for people to help us fill all roles for a 10m team. We’re looking to raid from 6:30pm – 9:30pm Pacific (-8 GMT) on Tuesday and Friday nights for main progression type raids, and Sunday’s will be semi-optional previous tier/gear farming type stuff.

We really and truly want the person behind the toon much more than the class and spec they are bringing to the table. Definitely check out the guild site and don’t be afraid to chat with any of us on Twitter or in game!

We want to get started with raiding as quickly as possible, but this might mean we’re running some CRZ T14 raids in the meantime to get some gear. So come, join us, and have some fun!

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  • Jed

    /thumbs up

    All the cool kids start their own guilds. If you crazy kids ever need some advice on how to handle a situation or are curious how others do things, dont be afraid to hit me up. Maybe i’ll make a social lowbie alt with you folks. 😉

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