The Return of Blaugust!

Last year I participated in #Blaugust (this goes to my other blog’s category for the event and lord knows what you’ll get over there), and it was An Event to actually at least try to write a post a day for the month of August. I don’t remember if I succeeded, skipped a day or two, or ended up going back and writing posts after the fact, but I did participate, for the most part. This year #Blaugust2016 is a much more chill event.

I wrote about a ton of different things, and I suspect that’ll be the case again this year. Except… I’m making a concerted effort to actually blog during the month. I chose the YOLO category of “when I feel inspired I’ll write” but really, that’s basically the entire rest of the year. I’m setting myself a rule of about 3 posts a week. It’s a good time since I’m not currently in school and only playing video games in my free time, this is a good way to try to get into the habit of writing more often and on a semi-schedule. I always consider blogging and then get distracted by a million other shiny thi… oh! squirrel! When you have tons of games, a phone, more games, and life getting in the way of things, it’s easy to find yourself distracted and unable to concentrate. I bought this domain because I wanted to blog more and I thought it was funny. I thought the other domain was also funny, but it seemed to fit more with general life-type stuff. This seems more game-like (Just go with it, it’s a mental thing).

Last year I started using gifs in my posts because they were funny and seemed to work well with my personality. I think I’ll do that again. I promise the next post will be more substantial, but I wanted to kick things off with a hearty howdeedo and let everyone know what’s up.

Welcome aboard. Feel free to join if you so desire! All info can be found on @belghast’s blog post! Since this year is the Year of Super Chill participation, feel free to join in! And there’s also the Anook group where you can share links to your posts and find other participates joining in on the madness fun! Another part of my personal goal is to read more blogs and comment while I’m at it. I try to read through at least some of the posts. As the month goes on and more people come and go, write and don’t write, this gets harder, but to me it’s worth it.

Hello again! It’s Blaugust. Take my hand, let’s go on an adventure!


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