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About the Writer

As a gamer I’ve been playing games from way back. For my 8th (ice skating rink) birthday party, my parents changed the dynamics of our home by giving me a Nintendo. Super Mario Bros was a favorite. I played The Legend of Zelda, The Little Mermaid, some paint game, Knock-Out, and various others. I was a gamer in the making. I had friends who played EverQuest when it was first introduced in 1999. I never played. I had heard the news reports of people losing their jobs and spouses over the game. The obsession was so great that on a major scale, EQ changed gaming.

I started playing EQ somewhere around 2004/2005, and had a lot of fun. I made a lot of friends in game and found myself raiding in a pretty prestigious guild, Five Rings. The first time I tried WoW was in the middle of my EQ career and it didn’t seem right to me. Eventually, I left EQ and MMO’s in general. I picked up WoW again roughly a year later. This time it stuck, and I’ve been playing ever since, vowing that serious raiding wasn’t in the cards for me… never again.

The times, they have changed, and I’m still playing WoW, taking my favorite character Hestiah from Area 52-US-Alliance to Eldre’Thalas-US-Alliance to join my old friends in Apotheosis. I raided for a decent portion of the Cataclysm (up until the beginning of Dragonsoul), but still took my leave of end-game raiding in favor of playing for fun. With the recent announcement of Kurn’s departure, I spent quite some time looking for a new WoW-home; A place I would feel comfortable around it’s members. Having hit twice and missed twice, Hestiah is currently on Velen. And there is another Hestiah (a Horde toon) on Mal’Ganish.

The WoW Toons

(100) Hestiah <Good At This Game> (Night Elf Druid) – Velen-US-Alliance
(100) Hestiah <Serious Casual> (Troll Druid) – Mal’Ganis-US-Horde
(100) Fistiah <Serious Casual> (Blood Elf Monk) – Mal’Ganis-US-Horde
(92) Chiyemi <Halcyon> (Pandaren Shaman) – Velen-US-Alliance
(88) Terpsicore <Halcyon> (Dwarf Mage) – Velen-US-Alliance
(80) Moiraï <Halcyon> (Draenei Shaman) – Velen-US-Alliance
(87) Theiä <Halcyon> (Pandaren Priest) – Velen-US-Alliance
(63) Hestiagosa <Halcyon> (Gnome Death Knight) – Velen-US-Alliance
(85) Hestiah (Baby!Hestiah) <TSU TAIN GUU FAITAA> (Troll Druid) – Drenden-US-Horde
(90) Perssephonie <Apotheosis> (Draenei Hunter) – Eldre’thalas-US-Alliance
(85) Calliopee <Apotheosis> (Human Paladin) – Eldre’Thalas-US-Alliance
(80) Deianiera <Horderlies> (Blood Elf Death Knight) – Deathwing-US-Horde

Other Games

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