You Got to Know When to Hold ’em, Know When to Fold ’em

I’ve sat on this blog post for a couple of weeks. I’ve debated with myself on whether the fallout was worth the opportunity to say what I felt needed to be said. And to tell my side of a story that I was being asked to keep quiet. I weighed the potential that the fallout Read More

Appropriate Use of Snark

Additionally titled, How You Should Be Accountable For Your Behavior. I’m going to go ahead and throw this out there, in case anyone was unaware. I want to make sure we’re starting on the same page here before I start getting into the heavier stuff. Ready?? Are you sure you’re ready??! Here goes. Everyone has Read More

Baby Murloc Ringtones!

UPDATE: Now with a download for those who don’t have iphones! There’s an mp3 set just for you! Enjoy! I was sitting here, doing work work (see: Perusing Twitter) when suddenly I was struck with an idea! I wanted my phone to sound like the baby murloc when I got a text message. And then Read More

Patch Woes – Addons for 5.0.4

I played a little Beta when I got my invitation. I did some questing, got Hestiah to 87/88-ish and stopped. I didn’t to spoil the experience. Since I didn’t want to spoil the experience I also didn’t read a lot about what to expect once this patch hit. I knew that there were plenty of Read More

Pre-MoP Bucket List

Slowly but surely I’ve been working toward my inevitable goal of 11,000 achievement points on Hestiah. The goal is to get this before Mist of Pandaria is released. Mostly because I expect her overall achievement point total to go up a lot when most achievements go account-wide. I’ve done all the achievements associated with [What a Read More

What to level next??

I’ve been wondering how quickly I could level an alt if I didn’t have any restrictions. Leveling Baby!Hestiah took some work. I was only able to play when someone wasn’t online, and with the release of D3, it also meant that I was offline with her an awful lot early on. Baby!Hestiah was created on Read More

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