Finally the death of Nefarian

So, it’s been awhile since I’ve been buggered to blog. I know. I had these grandioseĀ plans to find my area on the internet where I would be this amazingly funny writer. Yeah. Well, screw that real life crap. It kinda got in the way. I’m still thoroughly annoyed by it too. So let’s get down Read More

Atramedes probably deserved it

The first time I saw Atramedes he was a little tiny whelpling. I don’t play with sound, so I likely missed a lot of the storyline behind it, but all of a sudden, the little guy gets zapped. For at least twenty minutes I couldn’t stop myself feeling sorry for the little guy. Oh ho Read More

Things to not fail at

So, when your raid leader tells you that you’re a nubcake and need to stop standing in the fire and dying like said nubcake, what do you do? Try to be better about not dying to face-eating-fire and move, right?? Right. Well, as an advocate of the Don’t Stand in the Effing Fire club, I Read More

Achievements Galore!

On Wednesday Osephala put together a group of people who were trying to get the ICC 10man mounts, Reins of the Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher. This means coordinating 10 people’s need for Heroic kill of each of the bosses, and coordinating which achievements we needed and whether or not it can be done on heroic mode. Read More

Valiona & Theralion: Revisited

So after much frustration from Sunday night’s ridiculous failure of trying to down Valiona & Theralion, and my inability to stay the hell out of the Twilight Realm, we all came back on Tuesday with some pretty amazing attempts. So our fearless leader decided to change things up a little bit when we got there. Read More

Celiebugsā€™ Raid Tips

Sometimes the best raid tips come from a variety of places. And in this case, a variety of ages. Celiebug breaks down the finer points of raiding in WoW. brought to you by Osephala‘s amazing genetics and computer skills. Read More

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