Day 18: Brain Dump, Vulnerability, and Writing

The truth is writing every day is a challenge (duh) and I knew I wasn’t going to succeed at doing it every day. Life kind of sucks that way, and I’m just realistic about the expectations I set for myself. There’s a small warning on this post because it’s mostly going to be a brain Read More

Day 7: Screencaps of Draenor, 1-90 Edition

Disclaimer:¬†First, let’s address what happened to Day 4-6. I’m not even going to lie about this, I just chose not to do any writing. One of the difficulties with blogging is finding subjects worth writing about. I blogged sorta-kinda about 999, which had very recently been my game obsession of choice. I blogged about what Read More

Day 3: Days of Our Garrisons

WoW these days has been mostly to log in and mess around with garrisons. I always have these grand plans to farm mounts and pets, or run LFR for the lols. What really happens is I log into each of my 4 garrison-able toons, check missions, then log back out again. I will say though, Read More

Day 2: Working Through the Game Backlog

I know I’m not alone in having a very large backlog of games that need playing. Like so many others, I buy a bunch of games when they’re on sale, or if I catch an article about it, and once I get started there’s another new game to distract me to start. And the vicious Read More

Day 1: A Personal Challenge Begins

I keep making these promises to myself that I will blog more often, but I break them immediately after writing a blog post saying that I’m going to write more often. I get far too caught up in the “It needs to be perfect!”‘s and “Why would anyone read this anyway?”‘s that I end up Read More

Blizzcon Off-site Events Calendar

So I was looking for something to kind of give me an idea of what was going on during non-convention times, so I could have an idea of what events people might be busy attending. This isn’t a comprehensive list, and it doesn’t include some smaller parties like specific guild events or anything. If you’d Read More

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