Actual Guild Recruitment… I Know Right?!

So it’s official. I helped start a guild. What started off as a handful of us lamenting on twitter about the frustrating aspects of various guilds that drove us away from wanting to be associated with them (some more severe than others, mind you) eventually became me sitting down with Nyxy and Aero and putting Read More

Celebrating Small Victories

One of the easiest things to admit to myself was that I was fat. One of the hardest things to admit was that I wasn’t so happy with being fat. I had friends to tell me how beautiful I was, inside and out. I had strangers comment on my hair, my pretty face, or even Read More

An Update for Feb 2013

I have a terrible habit of not writing anything unless I feel I have something to say… which means I spend more time on Twitter saying ridiculously dumb things and quoting tv shows with hashtags instead. It’s easy to be semi-brilliant in 140 characters or less. Lifestyle Change The treadmill desk has been a huge Read More

New Adventures

I made some half-assed resolutions at the start of the year. Mostly having to do with my health, because let’s face it, I’ve been an utterly lazy ass and my body has decided to revolt against the tyranny of my laziness and demand I do something about it. It’s like my heart is the union Read More

Out with the old, In with the new

Every year I think about those things I want to do in the coming months. Each new years brings the hope for possibility. I generally don’t make New Years Resolutions, but a handful of things that have changed in my life that require me to do something about it. Mostly, my health. So this year I am Read More

Hate is still Hate

I recently decided to take an extended leave of absence from twitter. Mostly for personal reasons, but also because I was just getting so damn tired of all the hate being thrown around ad nauseam. It was like someone had opened the floodgates to asshole-ville and everyone around me was being affected by it. More Read More

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