Would it surprise you to know…

This is one of those posts that I often wish I’d never actually sit down to write. I think about it often, especially each time I experience racism or blatant discrimination and stereotyping based on the way I look, talk, or dress. However, this is a really personal thing, and the point of it isn’t Read More

Random Acts of Kindness

Twitter has been full of a helluva lot of negativity lately. A lot of people are pointing blame-fingers at each other. A lot of people are acting like assholes to each other. A lot of people are telling each other what to do, how to feel, and what’s appropriate behavior. A lot of people are Read More

A Place to Call Home

There is something about finding a group of people to play WoW with. A group of people who have fun, and enjoy themselves, while killing shit. The big thing, though, is that you have to actually feel welcome there. Like you’re part of the group. When I left Apotheosis it was because it stopped feeling Read More

Pre-MoP Bucket List

Slowly but surely I’ve been working toward my inevitable goal of 11,000 achievement points on Hestiah. The goal is to get this before Mist of Pandaria is released. Mostly because I expect her overall achievement point total to go up a lot when most achievements go account-wide. I’ve done all the achievements associated with [What a Read More

What to level next??

I’ve been wondering how quickly I could level an alt if I didn’t have any restrictions. Leveling Baby!Hestiah took some work. I was only able to play when someone wasn’t online, and with the release of D3, it also meant that I was offline with her an awful lot early on. Baby!Hestiah was created on Read More

To Mend a Broken Heart

I alluded to things in my personal life not going too well recently. Especially with regard to The Boy, who is not The Boy anymore, but maybe he’ll just be known as He Who Must Not Be Named (thanks to Jed). I’ve been told I’m handling the situation well, all things considered. That I had Read More

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