Not Particularly Good at This

I’m never going to be particularly good at writing about games. I’ve been re-reading Stephen King’s On Writing, and there’s something I’ve learned about myself recently… I’m not very good at writing about games. Look, I’m good at playing WoW, mostly. I enjoy playing it. I have my complaints as well as those things I Read More

Personal Life Meet Twitter (aka World of Assholes)

**Note: There is a really good chance that some of these offending tweets are triggering. This is your warning, should you choose to continue.** I suspect there is going to be some backlash for this post, and realistically, I’m okay with that. I’ve said my piece about feminism and how to interact with each other. Read More

Reality versus Fiction

**Note: This is more personal than I ever expected to be on this blog, and if you don’t wanna know that much about me then you’re welcome to not read.** I don’t daydream about him anymore. For awhile there it was always what I thought about before going to bed… what it would be like Read More

A Letter to Myself

I’ve noticed I spend an awful lot of time thinking about things I want to write, or doing research, but never quite dedicating the time needed to do the writing. I get distracted by so many things. The way the blog looks. The color of the links. The research. Deciding if the subject matter is worth the time investment. So many hours I spend just thinking about the act of writing that I end up never doing any actual writing. Last night just before I fell asleep, I decided to write a letter to myself. My mind was racing with a hundred thoughts… all of the memories that writing brought to me. The joy I felt, even if no one ever read a single word of what I wrote. In an effort to do something about actually writing, I’ll share the letter I wrote to myself.

Maybe you’ll find some inspiration too. Read More

Feminism and You: How to Participate in Open Discussions

Note: I would like to note here and now that comments will be moderated. I am the sole person to approve them. Why?? The simplest answer is because many people can’t talk civilly to each other.* Around the twitter-verse there has been a lot of buzz surrounding feminism… and other -isms. Today I’m going to Read More

WoW and the Art of Courtesy

Before we get started, let’s go ahead and throw out the definition of courtesy so that we’re all on the same page. cour·te·sy [kur-tuh-see]  noun, plural -sies 1. excellence of manners or social conduct; polite behavior. 2. a courteous, respectful, or considerate act or expression. Now that I have that out of the way, I need to step back a little bit and explain a handful of things (and I will attempt to do Read More

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