Blogging for the Masses (Day 2)

The actual title of Day 2 asks why I decided to start blogging. But really the story goes back even further than just blogging about WoW. In the earlier days of the internet, way back when (and some of you may be too young to even know when this was!), there wasn’t actually a lot Read More

So… about that writing stuff… (Day 1)

There was a point when I was going to participate in the 20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge, and I even started writing out a post or two, and then… then I just got kind of tired of WoW. I just got tired of writing about it, or moreso, writing for this imaginary audience that Read More

Naked Dungeon Challenge #1

So the first time I read Rades’ Minipost: The Naked Dungeon Challenge, I laughed. Out loud. I read that post on the eve of running some dungeons with other guildies in which we spent almost the entire time laughing ¬†hysterically in mumble. It was 4 of us, and then we picked up a 5th and Read More

Addons: Useful PowerAuras

So, I spent hours after raid the other night looking for information on how to use/make/create some PowerAuras. I’ve never been the type to want to learn too much about addons. I want to install it and have it just work. Sadly, unless someone else out there posted the exports I couldn’t be bothered to Read More

Defender of the Shattered World

Yeah, Hestiah just got it. So excited for the guild Al’Akir kill. So excited for my dark phoenix mount. So stoked to be officially 1/13 Heroic Modes since we’ve finished off all the normals. Today was a damn good WoW day. Read More

Finally the death of Nefarian

So, it’s been awhile since I’ve been buggered to blog. I know. I had these grandiose¬†plans to find my area on the internet where I would be this amazingly funny writer. Yeah. Well, screw that real life crap. It kinda got in the way. I’m still thoroughly annoyed by it too. So let’s get down Read More

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