2016 and Beyond, plus 12 in 12!

There are a few things that have changed ’round these parts. Mostly the domain. I think the old one redirects here currently, but for the most part, I’m phasing that one out. 2016 is going to include trying to write semi-regularly. I enjoyed my time participating in Blaugust 2015¬†and would like to see if I Read More

Hate is still Hate

I recently decided to take an extended leave of absence from twitter. Mostly for personal reasons, but also because I was just getting so damn tired of all the hate being thrown around ad nauseam. It was like someone had opened the floodgates to asshole-ville and everyone around me was being affected by it. More Read More

Not Particularly Good at This

I’m never going to be particularly good at writing about games. I’ve been re-reading Stephen King’s On Writing, and there’s something I’ve learned about myself recently… I’m not very good at writing about games. Look, I’m good at playing WoW, mostly. I enjoy playing it. I have my complaints as well as those things I Read More