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Hate is still Hate

I recently decided to take an extended leave of absence from twitter. Mostly for personal reasons, but also because I was just getting so damn tired of all the hate being thrown around ad nauseam. It was like someone had opened the floodgates to asshole-ville and everyone around me was being affected by it. More Read More

Finally the death of Nefarian

So, it’s been awhile since I’ve been buggered to blog. I know. I had these grandiose┬áplans to find my area on the internet where I would be this amazingly funny writer. Yeah. Well, screw that real life crap. It kinda got in the way. I’m still thoroughly annoyed by it too. So let’s get down Read More

Things to not fail at

So, when your raid leader tells you that you’re a nubcake and need to stop standing in the fire and dying like said nubcake, what do you do? Try to be better about not dying to face-eating-fire and move, right?? Right. Well, as an advocate of the Don’t Stand in the Effing Fire club, I Read More

Valiona & Theralion

I’m gonna go ahead and say it right from the start. This even sucks. It doesn’t just suck, it’s one of the most horrible raid encounters I’ve done in Cataclysm so far. Lemme tell you, there are some pretty horrible raid events that have a very large learning curve. None of them make me want Read More